FROSH 2020

Tournament Schedule (Updated 12/9/19)


San Dieguito Point Loma Murrieta Valley El Camino
Great Oak Carlsbad San Pasqual Chaparral
Oceanside Temecula Valley La Costa Canyon Mission Hills
Rancho Bernardo Mt. Carmel Poway Del Norte
Rancho Buena Vista San Marcos Sage Creek Torrey Pines
Westview Escondido Vista Murrieta Mesa


Saturday, February 22 Tuesday, February 25 Thursday, February 27 Saturday, February 29

10:30 PM 3:15 PM 3:15 PM 10:30 AM

Mission Hills @ Escondido   Point Loma @ Carlsbad   San Marcos @ El Camino     Great Oak @ Sage Creek  
San Dieguito @ San Pasqual   Torrey Pines @  Del Norte   Escondido @ Oceanside     Oceanside @ Mt. Carmel
Point Loma @ Sage Creek   Mission Hills @ RBV   Murrieta Valley @ San Pasqual     RBV @ Torrey Pines  
San Marcos @ Murrieta Valley   Mt. Carmel @ San Dieguito   Del Norte @ Temecula Valley     San Pasqual @ Temecula Valley
Torrey Pines @ Mt. Carmel   San Pasqual @ Poway   Vista @ Mission Hills     Poway @ San Marcos  
Carlsbad @ El Camino   Escondido @ Great Oak   Poway @ La Costa     San Dieguito @ Del Norte
RBV @ La Costa   Rancho Bernardo @ Temecula Valley   Carlsbad @ San Dieguito     El Camino @ Point Loma  
Temecula Valley @ Poway   La Costa @ Chaparral   Great Oak @ Point Loma     La Costa @ Rancho Bernardo  
Del Norte @ Great Oak   Sage Creek @ San Marcos   Chaparral @ Sage Creek     Mission Hills @ Chaparral  
Chaparral @ Westview   El Camino @ Murrieta Valley   Rancho Bernardo @
Torrey Pines
    Murrieta Valley @ Carlsbad
Vista @ Rancho Bernardo   Oceanside @ Westview   Mt. Carmel @ RBV     Westview @ Vista  
Murrieta Mesa @ Oceanside   Murrieta Mesa @ Vista   Westview @ Murrieta Mesa     Escondido @ Murrieta Mesa  


       Monday, March 2                                    Tuesday, March 3                                 Wednesday, March 4                                                                     Saturday, March 7

              3:15 PM                                                     3:15 PM                                                  3:15 PM                               10:30 AM

        Vista @ Carlsbad    Championship Game @ Oceanside
        San Pasqual @ Oceanside   National #1 vs American #1
               Rancho Bernardo @ Mission Hills (coin flip to determine home team)
        Del Norte @ El Camino       Home team to supply game balls for weekday games.  Both teams share for Saturday games.
        Sage Creek @ Murrieta Valley   Reporting scores:  Home team responsible for reporting scores to newspaper and media.  Please include Union-Tribune (619-293-1341).  
        San Marcos @ San Dieguito    
        Point Loma @ Westview    
        Temecula Valley @ La Costa    
        RBV @ Great Oak    
        Chaparral @ Poway    
        Mt. Carmel @ Escondido    
        Torrey Pines @ Murrieta Mesa    

Tie Breaker Criteria

1. Tournament Record 4.Least Runs Allowed

2. Head to Head Competition 5.Most Runs Scored

3. Strength of Schedule (tourney record of opponents) 6.Coin Flip by Tourney Manager or Designee


39th Annual Pirate Baseball Classic