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pirate baseball classic tournament

Tournament Information

CIFSDS Sanction Number

Dave Barrett, Tournament Manager

School (760) 722-8201  Home (760) 721-3147  Cell (760) 533-3147

email: davepatty@cox.net; dave.barrett@oside.us

Format:      2 divisions, preliminary play of 5 games (March 4 – March 18).  Division champs will be determined by the tie-breaker criteria listed below.  The championship game (National Division #1 vs American Division  #1) will be played on Saturday, March 18th at Oceanside HS at 1:30 PM.  Teams playing in championship game will play six games.


Tie-Breaker Criteria1.     Tournament Record2.     Head to Head Competition

3.     Strength of Schedule (tourney record of opponents)

4.     Least Runs Allowed

5.     Most Runs Scored

6.     Coin Flip by Tourney Manager or Designee

COACH INFOA tournament roster is to follow that lists coaches names & phone numbers Misc. Info:Tournament Schedule will be forwarded to the Pacific Umpires Association.  Schedule conflicts, rainouts and rescheduling from the tourney schedule will be the responsibility of the two involved clubs for umpire rescheduling and umpire costs (if incurred).*President: Nathan Thernes (858)354-02794email: president@pacificbaseballumpires.org

Assigner:  Tim Fillmore (858) 663-4474  e-mail: tfillmore12@gmail.com

*See CIFSDS Green Book, Article XII G Payment of Officials for Early Termination of Contest

42nd Annual Pirate Baseball Classic